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Private Tours & Charters servicing the Hawaiian Islands

Pacific Air Charters, Inc. is an FAA certified on demand air charter company that offers premium services throughout the state of Hawaii. Our charters and tours are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We have been operating in Hawaii for 10 years and hold a perfect safety record.

Fly on your own schedule with Pacific Air Charters, Inc. and avoid the hassle of commercial inter-island flights. We have no lines, no waiting no other passengers slowing you down in your private twin-engine aircraft.

Private charters are a great way to transport groups and sporting teams to other islands, or to start your family holiday off in style. Perhaps you'd rather get to your destination quickly or have an early international flight to make. We can also transport your pets in the comfort and safety of the cabin with you. Whatever your needs are, your convenience and satisfaction is our business.

We also provide sightseeing tours and can custom build depending on your wishes. Our fully qualified pilots are incredibly knowledgeable and know how to show off the best that Hawaii can offer.

The Benefits of Air Charter Services

Pacific Air Charters offers a superior inter-island travel alternative to the commercial airlines. Service is available to almost every airport in the State of Hawaii.

  • Convenience & Time Saving

    Convenience & Time Saving

    You travel when you want, on your schedule and not the airline’s. Our charter service is available anytime day or night.

  • Privacy & Comfort

    Privacy & Comfort

    The only passengers are your party and a flight host if you would like one. Our Golden Eagle aircraft cabins have comfortable club seating. Our cabins are pressurized and air conditioned.

  • Personalized Service

    Personalized Service

    We provide personalized and professional customer service, complimentary drinks and light snacks. Pets are welcome and travel with you. Your satisfaction is our business.

Superior inter-island travel services

FAA Certified with a Perfect Safety Record

FAA Certified with a Perfect Safety Record

Pacific Air Charters management and pilot team represent a host of experience and professionalism. Many of our pilots have had successful commercial airline and military aviation careers. All of our pilots are dedicated to providing our many clients with a safe, convenient, and comfortable air charter experience.