What is ARGUS?

ARGUS International, Inc. is a specialized aviation services company whose mission is to provide the aviation industry and its marketplace with essential safety data and information necessary for customers to make informed decisions and manage risk before booking a charter.

ARGUS is an independent rating system for aircraft charter operators. The system considers an individual charter company’s history, equipment (aircraft) and flight crews (pilots) when assigning grades. All charter services must go through the ARGUS CHEQ process (Charter Evaluation and Qualification), an industry respected and recognized process for rating commercial charter operators worldwide.

Pacific Air Charters is ARGUS-Gold Rated

Gold Rating – After an in-depth research process, ARGUS awards their Gold Rating standards to aircraft operators who have exceeded private charter industry standards. Essentially a “Gold Rating by ARGUS International means that an aircraft operator either meets or exceeds the median safety standards (currently and historically) of operators with similar exposures.

Pacific Air Charters Commitment to Safety

Pacific Air Charters is proud to be ARGUS Gold Rated. We have achieved this status through business transparency and embraced a thorough background check of our aircraft, pilots, safety practices and FAA operator and personnel regulatory documents.

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