Our aircraft are equipped to accommodate most types of bags. Sometimes our customers arrive at the aircraft with larger than normal bags or too many bags. Individually, if carrying one medium to large suitcase and a personal bag (like purse, briefcase, or backpack), available space on the aircraft is more than adequate.

Pacific Air Charters does not have a maximum weight limit for your bags, however, bags are loaded manually into the aircraft’s aft baggage compartment using the main cargo door. If passenger bag weights are excessive, it is possible we may not be able to accommodate them. In this situation, Pacific Air Charters will assist with sending the remaining luggage at an additional cost. It is recommended that passengers please contact us at (808) 839-3559 if concerns arise before your departure.

Finally, there are no overhead bins. In addition to the spaces shown below, there is also room beneath your seat for women’s handbags or very small items like fanny packs.

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